Online Reputation Management


Online Reputation Management (ORM) is the act of monitoring, addressing or mitigating SERPs (search engine result pages) or mentions in online media and Web content. It is of great importance to companies to monitor how someone or something is perceived based on an internet search. As the amount of user-generated content on the internet grows, it began to affect internet search results more meaningfully, and the desire to change those results naturally followed.

It’s easy to lose the reputation you built over the years in a day. Many companies have suffered damage to their reputation which took an adverse toll on their businesses. Yet, a company’s reputation is its most valuable asset. It shapes the way the general public views your products and consequently impacts the decisions of potential customers. Reputation management aims to deal with this challenge.

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Higher Trust

Brands with a good online reputation are trusted more because people depend on the opinions of others. If people appear to trust a company or person, others are likely to follow suit with the same sentiment. Research shows that 83% of people trust brand recommendations from friends, and nearly 70% trust consumer opinions more than paid advertisements.

One way to build trust is to make your business more transparent. By listening to customers online and responding to comments (both good and bad), you are showing people that your business listens to queries and responds. Even something as simple as replying to a comment on Instagram can improve your reputation and build trust with customers.

Attract Better Employees

Reviews are equally as important for attracting employees as they are for attracting customers. So much so that only 1 in 5 job seekers would consider working for a company with a 1-star rating! People want to work at a good company that is "going places." They want to work at a company that shares the same core values and beliefs as them, one that they can trust. And they trust the opinions of current and past employees. Along with workplace reviews, positive content online shows that your company has a favorable culture. Companies with better reputations tend to attract more, and therefore better, talent.

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